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RSPCA launches UK'S first
animal welfare charity weekly lottery

With an initial mailing of 400,000, the RSPCA has launched a weekly lottery offering players a chance to win £3,000 in cash prizes every week plus a £10,000 special jackpot.

Developed by Whitewater, the direct marketing agency responsible for all of the RSPCA's direct response fundraising work, the £1/week lottery represents a significant new addition to the charity's portfolio of mass market fundraising activity.

"Many people don't realise that despite being the country's largest animal welfare organisation we receive no Government funding and are reliant on voluntary donations", explains Brendon Elliott, Donor Development Manager, RSPCA. "Through the lottery we're aiming to offer people from all walks of life a new way to support our work and ensure they have some fun while they're doing it".

The 400,000 launch mailing is targeting a wide range of existing supporters and others who have had some contact with the organisation but have no previous history of donating.

Take-1 leaflets have also been developed for distribution through RSPCA animal centres around the country and an online promotion is also planned.