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Stolen Zoe found!

A DOG stolen from a rescue centre by heartless thieves two weeks ago has been found safe and well, whilst two people alleged to be involved in her theft have been interviewed by police.

As reported two weeks ago, ‘Zoe’, a two year-old short-coated GSD with distinctive Golden Sable colouring was stolen from the Last Chance Animal Rescue at Edenbridge, near Tonbridge, Kent, on Wednesday, 8th September.

Denise Dawes, a Trustee of Last Chance told OUR DOGS: "A young couple came to the Rescue, filled in our questionnaire with their name and address, telephone number etc. and were shown the dogs available. They asked to be able to walk Zoe, but sadly due to pressure of work on the day, the member of staff dealing with them forgot to ask for their cars keys which is our normal security procedure to ensure dogs are not taken off the premises without our consent. When after 30minutes they did not return with Zoe, we tried contacting them on the mobile phone they left, but it was a false telephone number, as was the address they gave on the questionnaire.

However, on September 21st, Zoe was found across the border in the adjacent county of Sussex, in the Crawley area, thanks to intensive publicity about her theft in local news media. The rescue centre also discovered the identity of the alleged thieves and the matter was duly investigated by the police, with a view to possible charges being brought and a good likelihood of a conviction.

Denise Dawes told OUR DOGS: "Thanks very much to all your readers for all their help, support and the many emails etc. expressing concern for Zoe. Obviously, we can’t comment further at this stage regarding the alleged thieves, but we hope to be able to update you all soon with the outcome of the police enquiry."