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With the increase in volume of show reports, we at OUR DOGS are anxious to ensure that exhibitors read your reports quickly. E-mailed reports are published faster and more easily.

If you e-mail your reports, please be kind enough to read the following simple guidelines:

1 Please try to set out your reports exactly as
they appear in OUR DOGS Show Report

2 Please head the report with the name and
date of the show, your name and a contact
telephone number

3 Please use capital letters for the class
names e.g. JUNIOR

4 Please use upper and lower case for the
dogs’ name and use the owners surname
only e.g. Smith’s Gadkey Chartermark

5 Please type award/position as
e.g. RCC, BD, BPIS

6 Please use lower case for all the text that
follows the dog’s name

7 Please save your report as ‘text only’ in
Word, or paste into the text with
the message

Many thanks

OUR DOGS Editorial Department