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Urban foxes being dumped in countryside

URBAN FOXES are being rounded up from towns and cities and dumped in rural Wales, an MP claimed last week.

Michael Fabricant, Tory MP for Litchfield, said the re-located foxes were savaging farm animals and pets.

"These misguided do-gooders have little perception of the damage foxes do to the livelihood of farmers in rural areas and to livestock which they slaughter," he said.

Mr Fabricant plans to table Commons questions to Margaret Beckett, Environment Secretary, asking what evidence she has of the practice and what could be done to stop it.
The MP learned what was happening while he was in Snowdonia last weekend.

"Nothing is more upsetting than seeing sheep bleeding to death after being savaged by these imported foxes," Mr Fabricant said. Farmers tell me they are shooting and snaring an abnormal number of foxes in recent days."

Nick Smyth, of Llwyngwril, near Dolgellau, Mid-Wales, backed up Mr Fabricant’s claims, adding that he was so appalled by an incident that he wrote to his local newspaper.

"A van in a motorway car park was found by acquaintances to be full of urban foxes," he said. "When questioned, the driver said the animals were being taken to a remote part of the country, where no one lived and no one, in London presumably, had ever heard of, where he said they would do no harm. The driver could not even pronounce the name of our village."

Mr Smyth said farmers had occasion to shoot more foxes than usual recently, a total of 118 in three months.

"How would these people like to come down in the morning and find their pets in a bloody mess on their front lawns?" he asked. "Somehow the ignorance of these town dwellers and misguided do-gooders has got to be dispelled."