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British & Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust is open to all

Founder members and interested parties may be forgiven for wondering what actions are being taken by the executive of the British & Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust as this is our first press release.

A public meeting was called on 22nd May 2004 to ascertain if there was a genuine interest in the formation of a trust to advance a number of our native breeds. The high volume of attendees indicated that this indeed the case and a working party was formed to investigate further how best this could be managed.

A second general meeting was called on 8th August 2004 at which the working party reported back its findings and proposals. With some fine tuning those present at the meeting gave their vote to the establishing of the British & Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust which therefore effectively came into existence on that date.

Since then we have had a very useful meeting with the Kennel Club and are pleased to advice that the Kennel Club’s own Vulnerable Native Breeds Group has indicated it wishes close co-operation with the Trust and plans are already in hand between us for a marked presence at Discover Dogs at Earl’s Court next month.

Membership of the Trust is open to all upon application and founder members and members will shortly be receiving an update from the Trust as to developments and progress made.

Those wishing to join the Trust can obtain membership forms etc from Sue Breeze. She can be contacted on Tel. No. 01283-761941 or e-mail

Any further information regarding long term plans for the executive for the Trust please contact Julien Barney on Tel. No. 01684-594071 or e-mail