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The Expression of Emotion in Man and Dog
The James Wellbeloved Symposium

THE JAMES Wellbeloved Symposium held on Sunday 10th October 2004 is to be acclaimed a great success not only from the perspective of the day’s programme content but also as a milestone in the careers of the panel of speakers.

The content of the Symposium was the result of serious investigation by John Rogerson and a team of his Associates into the various emotions of both the canine and its human partner/handler. It seems that the dog’s whole lifestyle and quality can be positively shaped from the age of three weeks onwards and the various development stages can now be understood to be a little different to what we have all understood them to be from our learnings over the previous 10-15 years. John and his team will be researching further into their findings.

170 delegates were enlightened, entertained and sent home with probably their biggest change in their OWN thinking and understanding of the canine’s mind and understanding. The day concluded with an hour of very intelligent well thought-out questions to the Speakers who consisted of Lieve Dosogne from Belgium, Maria Johnston (York), Stacey Grabecki (Welwyn Garden City), Yvonne Walker (East Lothian) and Ann Nash (Gloucester).

A special Raffle was held which was initially to support the Dobermann Club’s rebuilding and restructuring programme on their training ground, the sum of £250 was raised by this Raffle and the Dobermann Club Committee have requested that this sum instead should be sent to support the ‘Dino’ Fund to assist with the legal fees of this very important Court case which could affect all of us who own dogs.

I thank the Press for their support.

Mike Mullan