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Kennel Club announces its broad plans for the future

At its last meeting the Kennel Club General Committee set out its strategic plans for the future, and agreed the main issues to be pursued to achieve its primary objective.

Decisions made and projects funded will aim to achieve the Club’s objective – "To raise the relevance of the Kennel Club in the eyes of the public at large, dog owners and those who take part in canine activities so as to be better able "to promote in every way the general improvement of dogs".

This objective to be achieved through:

Ensuring that the Kennel Club is the first port of call on all canine matters.

Recognising the importance of canine health and welfare.

Popularising canine events focusing on the retention of existing customers and the attraction of new.

Achieving a widening of the Kennel Club membership base.

Encouraging the development of all those concerned with dogs through education and training.

Encouraging more people to provide input into the Kennel Club’s decision making process.
It should be noted that two additional strategic issues have been separately listed this year, namely the Club’s commitment to canine health and welfare, and to development through education and training.

The Kennel Club has already demonstrated its dedication to these areas through its significant investment in canine health research, the canine genome project, the recent health survey and the launch of the Accredited Breeder Scheme. Similarly, in terms of education and training, the judges training programmes, extended seminars, the expanding Young Kennel Club, the ever growing Good Citizen Dog Scheme and the Safe and Sound scheme all encourage development.

Said Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club, "The Kennel Club’s scope and breadth of activity is considerable these days and we’re often criticised for not promoting and publicising our work effectively. Communications will be another key issue for us over the coming year and we’ll do all we can to ensure that everyone, be they dog owners, exhibitors, veterinary surgeons, politicians or the media, realise just how much the Club is doing for dogs".

Rosemary Smart, Chief Executive of the Kennel Club added "We’re working hard to make the Kennel Club welcoming, open and relevant to everyone who owns a dog and to ensure that all dogs are valued. The Kennel Club is full of dedicated people who want to make the right decisions for dogs. As ordinary mortals, we don’t always get everything right but it is important that those who review our work do appreciate that the will to improve things is always there. The existence of these strategic objectives helps both our Committees and our staff to have a focus when making judgments and decisions."

Visit the Kennel Club’s website on to view the Club’s 2003/2004 Annual Report.