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Animal charities benefit from bazaar

Rough Collie Rescue (Midlands) were extremely fortunate in securing a lovely venue in rural South Warwickshire to hold an Animal Charities Bazaar on Saturday 23rd October.

When the owners of The Manor House Hotel kindly offered the Stratford-based dog rescue organisation the use of a marquee in their hotel grounds, it seemed the ideal time and place to bring together like-minded organisations to give them all an opportunity not only to raise much-needed funds to continue their work but also to raise their profile within the local area.


Ros Dobson, Co-ordinator for Rough Collie Rescue (Midlands), said "We were delighted with the response received from a number of animal welfare organisations based in the area.

BARKS (Banbury Animal Rescue & Kindness Service), HARK (Homeless Animals Rescue Kennels from near Stratford-upon-Avon), West Oxfordshire Cats’ Protection, Avon Cat Rescue, GSD 2000 Rescue & Re-home and Chow Chow Rescue Service joined Rough Collie Rescue (Midlands) for this unique event. Well over 100 people came to the event to support their favourite animal charity and learn about the work of a variety of other organisations involved in promoting responsible pet ownership. A grand total of £833 was raised during the afternoon with the six guest charities taking home £330 between them".

Ros added, "Volunteers representing the organisations all felt the afternoon was a great success and enjoyed chatting about their work. Equally important, the charities were able to convert donated items into cash! Proceeds from the Raffle, Tombola and Cakes Stall were for the benefit of Rough Collie Rescue (Midlands) - an independent organisation committed to finding caring and understanding permanent homes for unwanted and stray rough collies, many of whom are elderly and require considerable veterinary treatment before they are rehomed."

Whilst the promotion of animal welfare was uppermost in the minds of everybody taking part in Saturday's fundraiser, organisers were keen to make sure that supporters enjoyed themselves despite the atrocious weather - a hot drink and scrumptious cake awaited everybody in the dining room of the hotel. Participating organisations sold their own promotional items, which proved to be extremely popular, as well as Bric-a-brac, Furniture, Linen, Clothes, Books, Cakes, Records, CDs, Videos, Toys, etc.

Owing to the success of the event, the owners of the Hotel (who have adopted a total of seven rough collies from the Midlands group over the years) have kindly offered the venue for another fundraiser in the summer of 2005 - watch this space!