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Is Your Trash A Blue Cross Treasure?

Britain’s pet charity, The Blue Cross, is appealing for unwanted saleable goods such as books, household bric-a-brac and men’s, women’s and children’s clothes to help raise funds for sick and unwanted animals in its care.

The Blue Cross’ fundraising department have a calendar of events planned over the next few months including its annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 13th November from 10am and two exciting new shop openings later this year, and desperately need donations to make the events a success.

Heather Colin in The Blue Cross events department said, “If anyone is doing a clear out of their family’s wardrobes please think of The Blue Cross. Household goods or small gifts that would cost only a few pounds but which could potentially make a huge difference to our many fundraising events.”

The Blue Cross is one of Britain’s oldest animal welfare charities. It was founded in 1897 as a society for the ‘encouragement of kindness to animals’ - a sentiment that remains at the heart of The Blue Cross’ work. The Blue Cross is a leader in the field of animal welfare. Each year the charity rehomes thousands of animals and provides free veterinary care for pets in need.

People who would like to donate items toward future Blue Cross fundraising events can leave them at The Blue Cross head office on Shilton Road in Burford, Oxfordshire. For anyone who would like to find out how to help The Blue Cross fundraise, please visit the charity’s website at