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Pedigree Breeders’ Stakes hots up at Midland Counties!

The final qualifying round of the Pedigree Breeders’ Stakes will take place at Midland Counties and, despite the sometimes disappointing entries on the day, the league table format has created a very exciting final round to decide who goes on to appear in the big ring at Crufts for the ‘Grand Final’.

Only the final places for the Pastoral group have been secured. They will be represented by Ozzypool and Tonkory. All the other groups have yet to be decided, but even those teams that cannot qualify can have an impact on who does. It would be great to see as many teams as possible join in the fun and have a practice run for the return to the ‘one show one qualifier’ format next year. If you are entered at Midland Counties, try and get your team in the ring!