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A "dog-ed" approach to training in Scotland

Over a number of years there have been attempts to establish "training for trainers" and canine workshops in Scotland but inevitably handlers have resigned themselves to finding the quality of training by travelling south of the border.

It is the aim of dog-ed-scotland to address this by ensuring educational opportunities, training and motivation for dog owners and trainers in Scotland.

Some of the top handlers, behaviourists and trainers are already booked on a busy 2004/5 programme of workshops and seminars. Organisers Lynn Barber and Evie Johnston know their market. Both have worked in "dogs" for more years (collectively) than they like to admit and are involved in all the current canine disciplines.

Lynn, the driving force and the brains behind dog-ed-scotland says "We have known for ages that Scotland lags behind the rest of the UK in canine education and we set out to encourage the best trainers in their field to be part of our programme. We will cover all the disciplines – inviting the top people to come to Scotland to deliver exceptional canine training and then continue to encourage handlers in Scotland with competitions and medals.

As the organiser in dog-ed-scotland Evie has been getting the website together and booking such top names as Czech behaviourist Attila Szkukalek. "We are absolutely delighted that Attila is conducting these workshops in December. All our training is "hands on" and we overlay a similar concept whether we are looking at gundog training, HTM or trials. Dealing with beginners and novices on day one, then a Masterclass the following day. Also popular is the "audience with…" format which is fun and educational". Details of the Attila workshop are available from or by calling 01387 770577