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Schnauzerettes raise funds - and eyebrows!

Looking for a new idea to raise funds, the Joint Miniature Schauzer Eye Fund decided they’d get together a group of Schnauzerettes who would be prepared to "take their kit off" for a good cause. And what a success it was, probably all the more so because the average age of the ladies concerned was 51. And who said the camera didn’t lie? What a bevy of beauties they turned out to be!

The calendar, features all three sizes of Schnauzer and runs for 15 months, so it can still be sold at Crufts 2004, with a full 12 months ahead. I was approached to take the photos and Classic Printers were commissioned to print the finished article. Several businesses and individuals sponsored pages, whilst others made a donation.

Someone’s lovely home was used for the photo shoot, with ladies coming from as far afield as Cumbria and Surrey, all laden with props and dogs to set their respective scenes. Friends from Northern Ireland arranged make-up and hair and everyone took along food for a super lunch. The champagne corks popped too! Hopefully the extra ounces gained over lunch didn’t show up later in the photos.

A theme had been set for each month and many willing hands made the task easier than I had originally anticipated. The dogs behaved remarkably well considering that there was food very close to them, some of it as ‘props’. And Schnauzers can be greedy I understand. It was slightly unfortunate that a rather coy lady had just stripped off as the postman arrived!

While we enjoyed our food at lunchtime the dogs had a super romp together, and just to let you into a secret, the turkey you’ll spot in one of the photos was only half a turkey, as the other half was part of the lunch. And you’ll never believe what talent a certain lady displayed in tossing a pancake or two! The calendars are shrink-wrapped, so if you really want to know what’s inside you’ll have to buy one to see. The picture on the front cover was dogs only, and this probably took the longest to shoot, but all I can say about the photo on the back page was that it was great fun!

Please support this very worthy cause, and order your "Schnauzerettes Calendar" now from Mrs Sue McGrann on 01526 860087 or from Mrs Gill Ogburn on 01526 343699. Remember it covers 15 months from January 2005 to March 2006, and costs £10 plus £1 for post and packing