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Bulldog of the Year competition planned

THE 27TH STAGING of the Bulldog of the Year will take place at Luton Regional Sports Centre on Saturday November 27, hosted by the Bulldog Club Inc.

All CC winners during the last 12 months will be invited to compete, free of any entry fee; each dog taking part will receive a special rosette and commemorative gift; and each owner will receive two free buffet lunches and a small donation in gratitude for taking part!

This event attracts visitors, and more recently several exhibitors, from across the globe (last year almost half those attending were from abroad) and a professional video of the day will be on sale from December 1, 2004. Each exhibit will be assessed by three judges independently - the dogs are not placed in line, rather the judges’ placings are recorded on cards and given to adjudicators who award points from which the final four placings are found. As the entry form states: ‘there are no losers here, all are worthy of top honours’.
The competition takes place post-lunch, after the morning open show, to be judged by Bruce Tuttle (Bowlaine).

To find out more about this prestigious, event-filled day, contact the show secretary, Brian Taylor, on 01493 488266 (by the time you read this schedules for the open show should be available).