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Dobermann puppy starved to death

The emaciated, starved puppy. Sadly, it had deteriorated too much to be saved
and had to be put to sleep to prevent it suffering further.

A DOBERMANN puppy found dumped at the side of the road was starved to the point where it could not be saved. Scottish SPCA Inspectors are asking dog breeders, vets and the public to help them find the person responsible.

The investigating officer, Inspector Nicki Scott said: ‘The Dobermann puppy was brought to the Scottish SPCA Milton Animal Welfare Centre on Wednesday afternoon (September 1st), by a member of the public who had found the young male dog lying on a blanket outside the Green Kettle restaurant at Garelochhead, near Argyle.

‘It is likely that the puppy had been driven to the site by someone from outside the area. The dog's growth had been stunted due to starvation but we believe he could have been between 2 to 6 months old.’

A veterinary examination showed that the little dog had been starved to the point where his major organs were closing down and sadly, the decision had to be taken to put him to sleep.

‘Had he come to us even 48 hours earlier, we may have been able to save him," added Inspector Scott. "There is no reason why anyone should have allowed this animal to suffer and quite simply, we want to find the person responsible.’

The person responsible for abandoning the puppy can be charged under the Protection of Animals (Scotland) Act 1912 and three sentences can be imposed simultaneously: a prison sentence not exceeding 6 months, a fine not exceeding £5,000 and where appropriate, a life ban on keeping animals.

Anyone with information on this matter should call 0870 7377722.