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New kids on the block!

‘We all pat the dog...’!

Meet Maddie and Kizzy the youngest members of the CHESHIRE DOG DISPLAY TEAM.
Maddie, a Malinois and Kizzy, a Rottweiler, may be less than five months old but already have been wowing the crowds at major outdoor events throughout the country.

Maddie and Kizzy are firm friends and the duo have been enjoying lots of cuddles and strokes whilst handing out ‘OUR DOGS’ goodie bags on the team’s static stand. Sue, Maddie’s owner says, ‘although only 16weeks old Maddie is very clever and really enjoys the chance to show off, she loves all the attention she creates and especially likes it when children tickle her tummy.’

Maddie and Kizzy must be two of the most socialised puppies around, not only have they met thousands of people and hundreds of dogs but have also enjoyed sampling countless bed and breakfast establishments throughout the country.

‘A soulful looking Maddie

Margaret, Kizzy’s owner, whose older Rottweiler, Phoebe is a member of the display team, says, ‘I find it very rewarding when members of the audience come up to me who may previously been apprehensive of the breed and comment on the dog’s friendly nature.’

There is no doubt that Maddie and Kizzy create a stir wherever they go, they are truly wonderful examples of how positive reward training produces happy confident socially acceptable dogs. The team hopes that the puppies will inspire other dog owners to train their pet dogs.

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‘Margaret and Kizzy pictured with OUR DOGS Managing Director Vince Hogan

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