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Dog stolen from rescue centre

HEARTLESS THIEVES stole a dog from a rescue centre last week after tricking staff into believing that they were taking the dog for a ‘get-to-know-you’ walk. The audacious crime was the latest in an increasing number of dog thefts to blight the county of Kent and part of a growing trend towards the stealing of dogs nationwide.

‘Zoe’, a 2 year old short-coated German Shepherd bitch with distinctive Golden/Sable colouring was stolen from the Last Chance Animal Rescue at Edenbridge, near Tonbridge, Kent, approximately at 4pm on Wednesday, 8th September.

Denise Dawes, a Trustee of Last Chance told OUR DOGS: "A young couple came to the Rescue, filled in our questionnaire with their name and address, telephone number etc. and were shown the dogs available. They asked to be able to walk Zoe, but sadly due to pressure of work on the day, the member of staff dealing with them forgot to ask for their cars keys which is our normal security procedure to ensure dogs are not taken off the premises without our consent.

When after 30minutes they did not return with Zoe, we tried contacting them on the mobile phone they left, but it was a false telephone number, as was the address they gave on the questionnaire. We are very worried about Zoe, because she will not receive our rigid home check and back up policy and may be in a totally unsuitable environment.

"She has been spayed and if taken for breeding we hate to think what would become of her once they thieves realise they can't be bred from her and she may be sold on to be used for security work by unscrupulous dealers and be tied up in a yard for the rest of her days."

The rescue centre would like to speak to a couple who they think could help them in their search for Zoe. The man is 6ft, slim, in his 20s and has dark hair. The girl is very thin, has very long hair in ponytail, and has a pale complexion. She is probably only around 19-20yrs old. The couple were seen to be using a picture mobile phone to text photographs of various dogs to somebody before they expressed an interest in Zoe – and then disappeared with her.

Denise adds: "If anyone has noticed a German Shepherd fitting Zoe's description in their neighbourhood that they have not seen before, please could they contact us as a matter of urgency. There is a £200 reward for her safe return."

*If you have any information relating to Zoe’s whereabouts, please contact Adrienne Ramsay, Trustee at Last Chance Animal Rescue on: 01293 573195, or e-mail: