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AKC applauds target for rescue donation

The American Kennel Club (AKC) applauds Target Corporation

for their $20,000 donation to the Bull Terrier Club of America’s (BTCA) rescue program.

The donation was made after members of the BTCA applied for a grant, citing the company’s ubiquitous use of the breed as Target’s well-known canine mascot, “Bullseye.”

“It is very significant that Target has generously demonstrated their responsibility towards Bull Terriers,” said AKC spokesperson Gail Miller. “They have set the bar high for other companies and advertisers to acknowledge the influential role they can play when selecting a specific breed as a mascot or advertising icon. Often, these actions create increased interest in or demand for that breed, and it’s crucial that this be recognized.”


“One of our greatest barriers in rescuing Bull Terriers is finding foster homes for the dogs that come into our system. This funding will provide the means to pay for boarding and professional evaluation, allowing us to place our dogs into homes where they can live their lives as successful family members,” said Melanie Whitehair co-Chair, National Rescue Support Committee for BTCA rescue. “Numerous Bull Terrier fanciers assisted us in this effort and we thank them for this and their ongoing, tireless efforts to help our breed.”


“With AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day being celebrated this month, it’s an ideal time to keep in mind that it’s not only individuals who need to be aware of the choices they make when it comes to our canine friends. Filmmakers, retailers, advertisers and television executives play a role as well,” added Miller. “Target is setting a very positive example in acknowledging that responsibility.”