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Obituaries - Mr Ernest Vanherle

The Belgian world of dogs has recently lost one of its most remarkable people, Mr Vanherle. He was not only a judge, qualified for group 8 and parts of groups 5, 6 and 7, but a lot of people will also remember him as the former secretary general of the FCI from 1992 to 1998.

Mr.Vanherle has always been a passionate dog lover and started his cynological career in 1974 as a committee member of the well known Brabo group that organises its annual CACIB in Antwerp. Later on he was not only its secretary but also its president. Besides that he also was a member, and later secretary, of the Royal Saint Hubertus Society, the official Belgian Kennel club. As a member of the Judges Nomination Commission he wrote a course ‘General Cynoligical Knowledge’, in order to give structure to these exams and to bring the general knowledge of the Belgian judges to a higher level. This course is still the standard work for all new judges in Belgium.

Mr Vanherle was a real passionate and known far over the borders in such a degree that last year he has been invited to China to bring structure into the upcoming world of dogs there. The fact that he was 76 year old didn’t affect his sense of responsibility or his enthusiasm to assist or develop new ideas.

Not only the Chinese people will miss his enormous experience, we will all do. He will be remembered in everything he did for the world of dogs in Belgium and abroad.

Karl Donvil