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WAG plans another protest day

Having achieved some measure of success with their campaign WAG is asking all supporters if they would note, copy or cut out any adverts they see from suspected puppy farmers and send them to them. It is their next measure to report all suspicious adverts to the licensing authority, the welfare agencies, the Inland Revenue and Custom and Excise VAT.

This action not only identifies the puppy farmers but also provides evidence for action along with statistical evidence that can be presented to the Politicians. WAG, says in its latest press release that they will never sit back and let these people continue unchecked.

WAG is also planning another day of action at Cairn Ryan port in respect of the shipment of puppies from Ireland into the UK via P&O Ferries. Supporters are asked to come to Cairn Ryan, even for a small time, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Sunday 10 October 2004 where it is hoped they will let P&O know the strength of feeling.

Ken McKie, Secretary and Spokesperson said "WAG have been putting the pressure on to end the movements of these puppies and it is obvious by the threats that I received we are having some impact. If the puppy farmers think we are going to sit back and let them continue unchecked they better think again."

It is intended that WAG’s petition will be handed in to the Port on that day.

Please contact Ken McKie, Secretary, WAG on: 01357-529402 or 07950-146602.