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Seminar success for Three Ridings

Stewarding for All was the subject of a seminar held on 16th March by The Ridings Canine Society (proposed) writes Hon Sec Anita Broadbent. The speaker was Mrs Freda Marshall, Secretary of Darlington General Championship Show and a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer.

This is the second seminar to be held by The Ridings Canine Society (proposed), both events being well attended and financially successful - the latest talk being attended by nearly 40 people. In recognition of the fact that both dog showing and dog clubs in general need to attract younger people, four free places were offered to (and taken up by) junior handlers. The refreshments and kitchen on the night were "manned" very efficiently by the Club’s younger committee members.

The Ridings Canine Society (proposed) has re-applied to the Kennel Club’s General Committee for registered status and is waiting to see if the appeal has been successful. The Club has only been going for 7 months, but with a full committee, 2 seminars, proceeds from a challenge match and over 100 members, it has demonstrated that there is the support and a need for a new general canine society in the area.