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Tellington Touch workshop in Aberdeen

Marie Miller, one of the country’s leading TTouch practitioners will hold a two day workshop in Aberdeen on 14th and 15th May. This is the first time that such a seminar has been held for companion animals in the NE of Scotland.

TTouch was featured in the television series ‘Talking to Animals.’ It is a method of working with animals using non-habitual movements of the skin with TTouches and the body with groundwork exercises. It works on the nervous system which governs the body and is amazingly beneficial in all areas from treating behavioural problems to aiding physical health and recovery from injury.

TTouch can benefit the competitive working dog by improving balance, agility and co-ordination, reducing stress and enhancing the dog’s ability to learn and to negotiate obstacles safely.

TTouch is just as beneficial where there are no existing problems. By using TTouch, owners can increase their puppy or dog’s trust and confidence and so avoid problems caused by fear, excitability or touch sensitivity.

Marie Miller has been a dog trainer and behaviourist for 26 years and is the only level 3 qualified TTouch practitioner for companion animals in the UK at present.

The workshop is designed to give participants practical experience of the TTouch techniques which they can then use on their own dogs.

For further information, tel. Lorna on 01358 711273 email or Sheena on 01569 762130 email Alternatively, go to Marie Miller’s web site at