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Council puts its foot in dog mess clampdown

AN ANGRY dog owner has slammed her local authority for allegedly paying workers to prowl a local park looking to dish out fines to people not clearing up after their pets.
Gillian Court also claimed Lichfield District Council have not emptied an overflowing dog dirt bin at Chasewater for three weeks.

She said there were five LDC officers patrolling the park at Burntwood on Saturday morning (March 26) and the previous weekend waiting to hand out fines. Mrs Court added the officers arrived at 9.15am - too late, she claims, to catch any culprits, as most people had already walked their dogs by that time.

"All in all I can't see why the council is paying these people overtime," said Mrs Court.
Mrs Court, of Cross Street, Chase Terrace, said she told officials twice that the bin near Burntwood Rugby Club was full. She said: "They have not emptied the bin I told them about, it is absolutely overflowing and has been for at least three weeks. It is the only bin in the area and there must be 20 bags on the floor, it is disgusting. I feel they should empty that before they start criticising."

Mrs Court walks her dogs Lizzie and Abbie at Chasewater every day and always clears up after them.

"The officers said they don't think they will fit any more bins because of the cost," she said. "So people are collecting dog mess in plastic bags and slinging them in the trees yet plastic bags take 100 years to biodegrade."

Lichfield District Council community chief Colin Ablitt said officers had issued eight fines to people at Chasewater over the last few weeks.

"There are currently six dog bins throughout Chasewater Park, which are emptied at least weekly by park staff," he said.

"If staff are informed that a bin is full, then it is emptied as soon as possible."

Councillor Ablitt said staff from the environmental health department had been patrolling Chasewater as part of the council's Clean It Up campaign.

"Officers have been patrolling the park at different times between 7am and 12pm and this has proved very successful," he added.