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For richer for paw-er...!

When Golden Retriever breeder Jenny Frankland-Burton & Gamekeeper Richard Mace decided to take the plunge after 11 years of being together, they arranged their wedding for the week after Crufts, so some of their doggie friends from abroad could stay on for the wedding.

The day was made extra special by the presence at the wedding of two of their dogs, namely Purbarn Hail in the Storm, who had won Best Gamekeepers Dog in Show (for the second time) at Crufts the week before and the Post Grad class in the breed ring & his Sire Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm.

A Golden Retriever breeder friend had made the cake which featured a pheasant decoration in keeping with the theme of game birds and gundogs, as Richard and Jenny first met through their gundogs and shoots. Then with the help of another Golden friend and her husband they did all the flower arrangements, which included pheasant feathers, and also took all the wedding photos.

Another friend, who has two of the Ragdoll cats the couple also breed is a goldsmith and made Jenny’s ring which, with feathers in platinum set all round it is also keeping in with the theme.

The honeymoon, which was kept a secret from Jenny till the wedding speeches, had been arranged for a trip to Boston USA. So they flew out on the Monday after the wedding to stay with one of the guests who owns two Goldens bred by them and one sired by their Champion Storm.

So a very Golden and feathery affair all round.

So that it will be easer for people to find them at the shows, all the dogs will be found under the name of Frankland-Mace and Jenny will judge under that name also.

Congratulations and all good wishes to Jenny and Richard for a long and happy life together.