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Pacemaker saves dog’s life
Alternative medicine lends helping hand

A HUSKY with a heart ailment has been given a new lease of life - thanks to £6,000, a pacemaker, some spiritual healing and homeopathic medicines.

Six-year-old Nacho, owned by Kidderminster businessman Steve Culwick, suffered a catalogue of illnesses which left vets fearing for his survival.

The husky, who is directly descended from dogs brought into the country from an Eskimo settlement in Alaska, is now one of a handful of canines in the country fitted with a pacemaker.

Mr Culwick, who also owns Nacho's brother Musky, said: ‘Nacho was fitted with the pacemaker at a special centre in Bristol. He was originally being treated with homeopathic remedies for a skin complaint common in huskies but one day he just collapsed.’

Veterinary specialists discovered that Nacho had eight different complaints, including conditions affecting his heart, liver and kidneys. The only option was to have the pacemaker fitted.

Nacho underwent the operation at the Langford Trust, becoming only the twelfth successful patient at the Bristol-based veterinary charity.

Mr Culwick said the art of Reiki had also helped with Nacho's recovery.

‘What they all did for him was unbelievable. He's fitter than he's ever been and we've been told he should now live a normal healthy life,’ he added.