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Resignations at Southern Border Collie Club

Five members of the Southern Border Collie Club, including Chairman Marion Turner, have handed in their resignations reportedly as a result of conflict over the manner in which inter-committee decisions have been reached.

Following Vice-President John Gascoigne’s alleged concerns that Karen Angier’s appointment as acting secretary was made without the knowledge of all committee members, club problems appeared to reach breaking-point over funds donated to Penny Forster-Cooper whose kennels were destroyed by a blaze, believed to be caused by an electrical fault, in March this year.

Subsequently, Mrs Forster-Cooper was donated £1000 of club funds and though members are sympathetic towards her situation, the feeling amongst some is that the decision to help Mrs Forster-Cooper was determined outside of a committee meeting.

In a letter sent to each club member, John Gascoigne confirmed his view that the apparent decision-making discrepancies have resulted in the loss to the club of ‘the commitment, experience and knowledge’ of valuable members.

Hilary Kerr in her role as acting chairman has reportedly stated that the money given to Mrs Forster Cooper was agreed as a loan in a decision reached by the entirety of the committee bar one.

Mrs Forster-Cooper told OUR DOGS:

‘I knew it was a loan to help me in the immediate aftermath of the fire. Thank god I had it because I was able to ask the electrician to come and give me light and a plug point to use in the kitchen.

‘I was able to organise this work immediately after I received the call telling me the committee had taken the decision to loan me £1000.

‘Thanks to my friends their wonderful donations and nudges I can now begin to look to the future and make plans.’

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