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Boston is no tea party

A Lincolnshire market town's traditional flower show has been cancelled because it was deemed too risky to run without licensed stewards.

Boston borough council said health and safety issues meant it was forced to bow to the compensation culture of today.

Officials said they had become so concerned about being sued that the only way to go ahead with the event was with licensed stewards, which they cannot afford. The town has also scaled down its St George's Day parade for the same reason.

Both events underwent a risk assessment as part of new health and safety guidelines. The Boston Horticultural, Flower and Craft Show is one of the town's major tourist draws. Last year hundreds of visitors took in an exhibition of traction engines, flower displays, prize-winning vegetables, animals and homemade crafts.

But organisers said they would lose too much money if they had to increase the number of stewards and decided to pull the plug.

The St George's Day procession, organised by local Scout and Guide groups, was due to take place last Sunday. But it too was scaled down from a march through the town centre to a parade down the parish church aisle.

However, soon the town may have something to celebrate if sources close to the Kennel Club and its decision making processes are to be believed. Boston Canine Society may be in line for the one day championship show with around eight sets of CCs. It was always thought that the Kennel Club wanted to keep the one day show in an area ‘unserved’ by other large championship shows and the society will probably use Newark or another Lincolnshire based showground for the planned event in 2007.

All eight premier status societies were asked to consider holding the show last year by putting together a feasibility study and we understand that it is this that has recently been under review in Clarges Street.