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KC Registration statistics for the first quarter

The spring Breed Records Supplement will be issued shortly and readers will note that in the first quarter of this year there has been a continuation of the upward trend in registrations experienced last year.

This year there has been a 4.56% increase from the registration figures for the first quarter of 2004 and, with the overall registration rise of 4.7% for the whole of last year, the Kennel Club hopes that registrations in 2005 will continue to progress.

Kennel Club Secretary Caroline Kisko said; "Through Kennel Club registration dog owners are provided with opportunities to share and enjoy a variety of fulfilling activities with their dogs.

Ensuring that all pedigree dogs are registered with the KC is one of our most important aims in order that we can continue to protect and promote the dog's role in society and keep in touch with those who breed and own dogs."