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From Champions to Champion!

John and Valerie Bennett of Shardaroba Dachshunds are delighted to have been awarded the Tourism ‘Oscar’ in the Caravan Park of the Year on Tuesday, 19th April, 2005 at the British Museum, London.

Well known in the Dachshund world, John and Valerie - Championship Show judges who have made up 10 Champions - started their caravan park in November, 1998. The park has to be seen to be believed, holding many awards such as the British Toilet Association 5 star award for their toilets and shower facilities. To quote a caravaner who said, "My goodness you could eat your dinner off the floor in these toilets." To which Val promptly replied, "No you can’t because you’d make a mess!" They have also created six permanent jobs with seasonal help being recruited as required. The staff are very friendly and helpful to all visitors, having been trained by Val who is a stern taskmaster. And of course, you can take your dogs!

John and Val have significantly contributed to the world of dogs, John being secretary of Ashfield Canine Society, with Val as a committee member for a few years, plus John holding the position Chairman of the Long Haired Dachshund Club. These days the business takes up most of their time, but John has judged in South Africa and latterly Australia, at Championship Show level most recently.