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Dog theft action news
Never give up!

A CLASSIC line we always give owners whose dog has been stolen - and fortunately for Border Terrier Molly - her owner and Reigate dog warden, Lorraine Buttenshaw, didn't give up.

Four year-old Molly, was stolen in full view of witnesses, in Upper Gatton, near Reigate on 24th July, by two men in their twenties, driving an ex Royal Mail van - quite a distinctive vehicle. The vehicle registration number was taken but despite police assistance, the van seemed to have disappeared - taking Molly with it.

DTA co-ordinator Dee Ford explains; "Dog theft has rapidly increased in the South East recently but between them, Dog Theft Action, DoglostUK, and dog warden Lorraine, were able to advise Molly's owners of likely ‘hotspots’ of theft - areas where we know dog thieves operate.

"Her owners swung into action immediately, flooding the target area with posters - and sure enough in the last location provided to him, Molly's dad spotted an ex-post office van - with a different registration number!

It wasn’t surprising that the first number was false! The van was followed and Molly’s details were posted prominently outside the house where the van was parked. About two hours later contact was made by a caller who had seen a dog matching Molly’s description running loose with a white dog. He had confused Molly with a similar dog – Murphy who had recently been reunited with his owner with the help of Doglost UK and DTA."

Murphy and Molly are coincidentally both blue and tan Border Terriers. The search was joined by Murphy’s owner who is now a committed Doglost UK volunteer helper and together they located Molly running loose some 4 miles from home.

Molly is safely home now with her owners but the other dog, a white terrier is still at large. We urge residents to contact Doglost UK 01909 733366 if they have any information about this dog.

"Jester’s Law" Update

Jester’s Law is continuing to feature in the media with coverage from local press and articles on Saga Radio and Radio Lincolnshire. Jayne Hayes of DTA and Doglost UK attended the Eppingham Dog Training Club Annual Agility Show in support of campaigner Nikki Powditch whose Rottweiler Jester disappeared in woods near the A1 at Colsterworth, Lincolnshire. Jester’s apparent disappearance into thin air has prompted a major campaign to ensure that all road casualties are scanned prior to disposal so that owners are not left searching for their pets.

The show organised by Rutland dog warden Barry Briggs was attended by 6000 dogs with their owners. Jayne and Nikki handed out DTA and Doglost UK information and a petition concerning Jester’s Law.

Bully For Us

‘Bullies in Need Fun Day’, Theddlethorpe Lincolnshire was the setting for a talk on dog theft by DTA co-ordinator Margaret Nawrockyi. Visitors came from Berkshire, Essex Yorkshire and the North East to raise funds for rescued Bull Terriers. They responded warmly to the talk and took publicity material to pass on at other shows and to colleagues in other aspects of dog rescue and welfare.
DTA at Wag & Bone

DTA will be attending the WAG & Bone Show, run by Dogs Today, on Saturday 6th August at Windsor Great Park. We have a stand in the Flea Market and will be distributing information about dog theft along with precautionary advice and how to make full use of our website. We will encourage visitors to participate in our campaign by logging onto our website where suggestions for letters and relevant addresses can be obtained so that dog lovers can make their voices heard.

For details of DTA initiatives and events, please contact DTA Co-ordinator, Margaret Nawrockyi on: 01652 688089 or e-mail: