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DTA schedules Autumn summit

Kennel Club to host meeting of canine welfare representatives
to address growing dog theft problem

THE LEADING canine theft lobby group Dog Theft Action has received considerable support for its campaign against dog theft in recent months. The lobby group, set up in January, has been invited to attend meetings with representatives from organisations involved in the canine world who are extremely concerned about the current situation as dog theft escalates rapidly.

DTA is convinced that the way forward is to ask these organisations to lead the way in finding a solution to this aspect of law and order that has gone unnoticed and unmonitored for so long.

DTA Co-ordinator Margaret Nawrockyi told OUR DOGS: "This support has encouraged us to plan a meeting of DTA co-ordinators and advisors together with invited representatives of the agencies who can have a major impact on this multi-faceted issue. The agenda for this meeting will focus on dog theft and explore ways and means to tackle this problem.

"DTA hopes to raise the profile of dog theft throughout the UK and encourage central and local government and the police to treat it with the seriousness it deserves. The meeting will be hosted by the Kennel Club at their headquarters in Clarges Street, London on 15th November 2005 and will be chaired by Government Whip Ian Cawsey MP the former Chairman of the all party Animal Welfare Group who maintains a keen interest in animal welfare and dog theft."

The DTA advisors include Nick Mays and Robert Killick of OUR DOGS, Chrissie Smith of Dog World, Crufts presenter and journalist Peter Purves, Neil Ewart of Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Allen Parton and Endal of Canine Partners, MPs Ian Cawsey, Caroline Spelman, John Mann and Andrew Rosindell, Ryan O’Meara, Editor of K9 Magazine, DTA technical advisor Melanie Myhill and dog warden Brian Milligan, who was also a founder member of DTA.

Invitations have also been sent to the Kennel Club, Pet Log, Dogs Trust, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, British Veterinary Association, National Dog Wardens’ Association, Association of Chief Police Officers and the Association of Police Authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Nawrockyi added: "This is an unprecedented opportunity for these agencies to look for an effective solution to this problem that affects so many people in the country."


DOG THEFT ACTION are also pleased to announce that their first symposium will take place on Saturday 1st October 2005. The setting for this prestigious event will be Edmondscote Manor, Leamington Spa, by kind permission of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and will be hosted by GDBA breeder manager Neil Ewart.

Speakers will include Nick Mays; Chief Reporter OUR DOGS Newspaper, Steve O’Brien; National Dog Wardens’ Association, Peter Purves; commentator journalist and broadcaster, Robert Killick; columnist OUR DOGS and Dogs Today and Allen Parton and his much admired Canine Partner, Endal. Tickets are priced at £15, including a buffet lunch. The programme will start at 10pm and full details are available from DTA and will appear in subsequent issues of OUR DOGS.

We very much hope that our first symposium will be well supported by people from all aspects of the canine world. We believe that our audience will benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of our speakers as well as being amused and entertained. All enquiries regarding the programme and tickets please contact 01652 688089 or

For full details of the DTA symposium, please contact: Margaret Nawrockyi.
Tel: 01652-688089 or e-mail: