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New president of French KC

A NEW President of the French Kennel Club - la Société Centrale Canine (SCC) has been announced.

Gerard Arthus succeeds Renaud Buche, having been elected to the post by the SCC Committee on July 26th. M Arthus previously occupied the post of Vice-President, of which there are four on the SCC Committee.

M Arthus is also chairman of one of the oldest French canine clubs, the French Spaniel Club (founded in 1898) which represents all eight recognised breeds of spaniel. He was elected to this position on September 25, 1993. It is the second time in the history of the SCC, that the Chairman of the French Spaniel Club has reached the highest position in the French Dog Fancy, the first being Gilbert Thorp.

M Arthus joined the SCC Committee just less than eleven years ago in October 1994. He has assumed the Presidency of the SCC at what the Club itself acknowledges as a difficult time, largely due to the SCC having to instigate sweeping changes both in its internal management and in its global position as a member of the FCI, whilst still keeping sight of its mission of ‘public utility’ in representing French dog owners. The SCC Committee commented via the official website that Gerard Arthus "knows what direction the SCC needs to be taken in and has the team to carry it out".

The former SCC President Renaud Buche, who was elected as President of the SCC in May 2000 stood down on July 12th for ;personal reasons.’ It is understood that M Buche will retain a position on the SCC Committee.