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Vulnerable breeds on parade at Darlington

Darlington Dog Show Society is proud to announce that at the inaugural show at the new venue, Newby Hall in North Yorkshire, a parade of British & Irish Vulnerable Native Breeds will be held.

British & International Judge and BBC commentator Mr Frank Kane has kindly agreed to host the Parades to be held each day prior to the Group Judging in the main ring.

Many of you will know of the recent profile being given to our most vulnerable native breeds of dogs, which are numerically very small.

Darlington Dog Show Society is hoping to draw attention to this fact and to acknowledge that our ‘home-grown’ varieties should achieve the profile, which they so richly deserve, and it is intended that this event will ‘showcase’ them admirably.

It is anticipated that representatives of each of the breeds will be available on each day of the forthcoming Championship Show to join in the grand parade so that their special attributes may be profiled. It is expected to be an ‘Educational and Informative’ session to add interest to our day and to raise awareness to the dog showing fraternity as well as the general public what the British & Irish breeds have contributed to our country’s history as ‘mans best friend’

Owners of any vulnerable breeds are invited to take part on one or all three days. Should you wish to take up the invitation then you should contact the Society via telephone number 0191 4162606.

It is hoped to have a full complement of these native breeds on all three days and owners who live nearest to the new venue please consider taking part!