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Bella Moss stars on World Animal Day card

BELLA MOSS, the Samoyed who died a year ago after contracting MRSA at a veterinary hospital during routine surgery, is set to star on a special e-card to highlight the issue of MRSA in pets as part of the issues raised for World Animal Day on October 4th.

The special e-card was designed by Christine Lee of WAD in memory of Bella, and can be downloaded from their website and used for any purpose that the sender wishes. Every time the card is sent, it helps World Animal Day and The Bella Moss Foundation, by raising awareness of MRSA in pets and many other animal welfare issues.

Bella’s owner and founder of the Foundation, Jill Moss , is helping to spread the WAD word by offering to help anyone who wishes to organise an event to raise awareness of these issues on World Animal Day (October 4th).

Contact JILL MOSS of the Bella Moss Foundation on: 07860 879079. Website:

The valuable work of the Bella Moss Foundation will be the subject of the month's World Animal Day column in the international online newspaper