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Rare Jindo pups born in UK

A litter of Korean Jindos - Korea’s native and most famous and protected indigenous dog breed – has been born at Overhill Kennels in Bristol.

On 14th July, the seven-strong litter of four bitches and three dogs was born to three year old dam Rosie and four year old General. This marks the second litter of Jindos born in the UK and all the puppies have white coats which remain this colour into adulthood.

"This litter is a real highlight for 2005 and with the registration of the breed on the Kennel Club’s Import Register in the process of being finally confirmed, the growth of the breed in Europe is part of our long-term ambition", explains Meg Purnell-Carpenter, responsible for the welfare and development of the Jindo at Overhill Kennels.

The Jindo, named after Jindo Island, located off the south-west coast of the Korean peninsula, is a breed with a bold, daring character with wonderful hunting skills and is best known for absolute loyalty to its owner.

A Jindo institute was also created to actively preserve the breed. The Jindo Institute evaluates puppies at 6 months old and if the puppy is deemed to meet the breed standard and sound, it is micro chipped. Only micro chipped Jindos are allowed to remain on the island unless they are neutered. Chipped Jindos cannot leave the island to ensure the preservation of the breed from the best stock.

In 2002 there were 14,000 micro chipped Jindos on the island and all are under the auspices of the government. Crufts 2003 was the first time a Jindo was officially seen at any dog show outside Korea and the breed will once again appear at Crufts 2006 thanks to Samsung’s involvement with the Jindo.