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Mrs R C Tucker

IT IS with great regret that I have to record the death of Mrs Rene Tucker of Vorden Keeshond fame.

Rene was born on 4th December 1918, so she has had a fair old innings. Her last few years have been blighted by problems with her legs after she had a hip operation.

Rene purchased her first Keeshonds in the late 30s and she exhibited in the Blackpool area where her husband Ron was stationed at Squires Gate RAF aerodrome. Her earliest winne of note was Vandyke of Vorden but by the time the war was over he was already seven and never made his title.

However, his breeding, coupled with Rene’s innate skill at picking matings, was such that as early as 1957 her homebred Volkrijk of Vorden became Best in show at Crufts, the only Keeshond ever to achieve this honour. Around that time Rene had a brief dalliance with West Highland Whites and Deerhounds, but she gave up her Keeshond line and turned her attention to miniature Shetland ponies with exactly the same success which she had in the world of dogs.

Rene and Ron had only one child, Rachel, who lives in the West country; to the Tuckers’ delight she has bred them several grand and great-grandchildren.

Rene is little known to today’s dog scene but those who knew her and her skills and have benefited from them will, I am sure, wish to send their sympathies to Ron, Rachel and the family.

Mike Stockman

Major J.G. Logan

Scottish Breeds CC Committee member 1971-2005

The committee were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of the President of the club Major James Logan.

Major Logan was a founder committee member and served as Bearded Collie Breed Representative until 1980 when he was elected as Vice Chairman. He served in this position for one year, upon which he was elected as Chairman.

In 1987 he stood down as Chairman, as he had to consider his wife’s health. In the same year Mr Ronnie Irving stood down as Vice President due to business commitments and proposed Major Logan to take his place. The committee unanimously agreed to this. When Mrs Margaret Lyndesay Smith died he was elected to the post of President and attended many of the Committee meetings.

Although a private person he was always happy to talk about the dogs. The officers and committee shall miss his sound advice and wise counselling. They send their condolences to his family.

John W McCreath,
Honorary Secretary Scottish Breeds CC