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Registration figures: first half of 2005

Publication of the half year registration figures in early August showed the Kennel Club is set to maintain or exceed its continued growth of income from registrations. The figures, which will be subject to seasonal adjustments, show a year on year increase up to the end of June 2005 of 11.15%

Taking the figures group by group each shows an increase. Hounds were up by 22.6%, gundog 9.7%, terrier 11.9%, utility 19.6%, working 4.3%, pastoral 2.1% and toys 20.3%

The Kennel Club has indicated that the percentage increases are somewhat inflated by phasing issues and therefore the year end figures are not expected to show as great a percentage increase overall.

But that said there will always be seasonal trends and variations to take into account but some the swings were notably. Hounds have saw an increase of 34% in Beagles, a 39% increase in Miniature SH Dachshunds and a 87% increase in Irish Wolfhounds compared to the same quarter last year. Whippet registrations also rose by 58%.

Gundogs saw bold movement in the figures in Hungarian WH Vizslas +80%, Irish Setters +12%, Italian Spinoni +28%, Flat Coated Retrievers +79%, Pointers 41% and Cocker Spaniels +7%.

In Terriers the major swings showed in Borders +16%, Bedlingtons +87%. Kerry Blues +50%, Cairns +32% and in Staffordshire Bull Terriers +6%. The Utility group increases lay mainly in Bulldogs +28%, Miniature Schnauzers +23% and Lhasa Apsos +84%.

The Working group’s main players were Siberian Huskies +57%, Newfoundlands +58% and Rottweilers +13%. The Pastoral breeds reflected increases in Border Collies +35%, Samoyeds +100%, Rough Collies +19% and Cardigan Welsh Corgis +600%.

In Toys the major hikes were in Cavaliers 23%, Chihuahua LC +36%, Chihuahua SC +25%, Miniature Pinschers +98%, Pugs +50% and Pekingese +39%.