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Author seeks help for greyhound anthology

A GREYHOUND welfare worker is asking for help from fellow owners of rescued Greyhounds in compiling an anthology of stories about rescued greyhounds. The book will include tales of how they were rescued, how they recovered and what they bring to their owner’s life now.

Helen Etheridge, a member of Greyhound Action UK says: "If you have a rescued greyhound or have helped in their rescue then I need your help.

"The aim of this book is to highlight the cruelty that greyhounds suffer and show how wonderful greyhounds are, hopefully convincing more people to help them and encouraging those who already are, to continue."

Helen adds: "I need all kinds of stories. I know from the rescued greyhounds that I have that each of them has a history, so please put pen to paper. I want to offer an uplifting book, an "out of the darkness into the light" sort of thing! Please note you do not have to include any specific details about places and people if you don’t want to and stories can be published anonymously.

"If you would like to send before and after pictures as well, I will try and include them too. Of course there will be a space issue so some stories may be edited. I will try and include all the stories."

A good percentage of the profits from this book will go to Greyhound Action who do carry out rescue work for greyhounds all year round.

"Even if you don’t feel like writing a story, but would be interested in purchasing a copy of the book when it is finished, do send me your contact details so I can let you know when it is available," says Helen.

Please send your stories and pictures to or contact her for her postal address. Please use the above email address for any queries you may have.

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