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‘Puppy shipments’ stopped at ports

THE ANTI-PUPPY farm group WAG has received unconfirmed reports of a number of shipments of puppies from Ireland being stopped at the Scottish port of Cairn Ryan for examination. These reports also alleged that the conditions in which the puppies were transport were much improved.

Whilst WAG were pleased that their long-running campaign is making some positive steps it is still likely that these movements may have breached the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997 and that the perpetrators have gone unpunished by the law.

Ken McKie on behalf of WAG said, "It is heartening to know that our campaign has had a positive effect. However I would like to remind everyone that these puppies are travelling for some distance over a period of around ten hours in the back of vans or trailers. When cages are stacked upon each other I would not like to think of the condition of the poor puppies located at the bottom of the pile!

"These movements are on the increase and we would urge anyone thinking of buying a puppy for Christmas don’t go to a puppy farm. Ask yourself do you need a pedigree puppy? If so why? If the answer is as a fashion accessory or because it looks cute then we would suggest giving a home to a rescue animal. But ultimately we would urge you not to buy a puppy for Christmas, they do grow and it is sad how many of these Christmas presents end up in the cat and dog homes."

Mr McKie added: "WAG also feels that it is long overdue that the politicians in the UK and Eire get together and end the needless suffering of these poor animals."