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Endal and Allen join the Brownies!

Everyone is so used to seeing Endal and Allen Parton in the public gaze at major events during the year such as Crufts, Discover Dogs etc but this dynamic duo are constant beavering away raising funds throughout the year to support the various causes close to their hearts.

This often involves Endal and Allen travelling up and down the country doing talks and attendances at events to raise awareness and funds for many needy and deserving causes.

Last week was no exception to the rule and Allen and Endal were out attending the meeting at a local Brownies group to give a talk on disability awareness and receive a cheque on behalf of Canine Partners. The 2nd Clanfield Brownies had held a sponsored silence and raised £167.

Allen says ‘Canine Partners is not a massive charity compared to many others and every penny received really makes such a real difference. This donation raised by this Brownies group through sheer their hard work and effort will go along way to help us train more dogs like Endal. I am was so delighted to attend last week and tell the girls first hand that what they have done will make such a difference to a disabled person’s life in the future.

‘It is so heart warming to see the effort made by groups like these Brownies who have used their own ingenuity to raise the funds and make a difference for a charity like Canine Partners. We have been so very impressed by the efforts made by the many Guide and Brownie groups we visit during the year to not only fundraise for their own worthy cause but also raising funds for other causes as well.

‘After all the recent disasters around the world it is too easy to blame events like the Tsunami and Indian earthquake for a drop in charitable income but the British public truly wear their hearts on their sleeves and have supported good causes at home with equal gusto.

Attending the bigger high profile events through out the year is such a privilege but seeing the efforts first hand that these guides have made to raise the funds they have and being able to thank them personally has to be one of my all time favourite things to do. Faithful Endal always has a wag of his tail, and if given the opportunity, a snuggle as well with all those he meets at events like this. His way of saying thank you too!.

‘I honestly believe it is a million people each giving a pound is what it is all about" says Allen, ‘guess we've still a bit more work to do then.’