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Greyhound’s ears burnt with acid

ANOTHER GREYHOUND has been found abandoned with its ears mutilated in an attempt the disguise the dogs’ original ownership.

The black bitch, later named Eva by rescuers, was found one morning by a young woman in her back garden in Ballinasloe, County Galway. The woman, identified only as Rachel had previously taken care of some rescued Greyhounds and it was possible that her owners dumped Eva at Rachel’s house.

The dog’s ears were badly injured and infected. She was brought to a Vet who deduced that the injuries to her ears were caused by battery acid or burning, as the hair around her ears was also singed. Her ears were septic, and had the texture like charred fabric. One ear was burned right through with a gaping hole.

The bluish ink from Greyhound Industry tattoos was apparent on the parts of her ear that were still hanging in tatters. Her left front leg had a large chunk of skin missing from an unknown injury. Due to the lack of skin, the wound cannot be stitched and requires constant changing of dressings.

Despite all of this cruelty being done to her, Eva has shown herself to be a very gentle, calm dog. Her rescuers estimate that she is about 1-2 years old and is slight in size.

Bernie Wright, Press Officer from the pressure group Greyhound Action Ireland told OUR DOGS:

"Her appetite is fantastic and she is doing well here at Dog Rescue Ireland in Dublin. The people who did this to dispose of Eva without being traced by her ear tattoos deserve jailing. They are still loose out there with impunity from prosecution and will probably do this again, or possibly have done so already to other dogs of no use to them. A slow dog does not win them money. They are pure scum.

"This dog is not the first as already ears of others have been removed by Greyhound Racing people... the three found dead in Waterford... the black and white dog in Kerry... Fionn who was almost scalped and now Eva. A ban on greyhound racing is the only solution. We appeal to dog lovers to help us achieve this before more dogs are mutilated."