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KC welcomes first instructors to Accreditation Scheme

The first Accredited Instructors, Sue Potter and Anthea Lawrence,
receive their certificates from Kennel Club Vice-Chairman Bill Hardaway.

The Kennel Club welcomed the first members to be accredited to its Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour at Discover Dogs in London. The first two, Anthea Lawrence and Sue Potter, were presented with their certificates of accreditation at the event, which was held at Earls Court last month. A further seven members have been accredited in the past week and will receive their certificates shortly.

The certificates are the first to be awarded, following several years’ hard work developing the Scheme for anyone instructing in dog training or canine behaviour. It is intended that this new accreditation scheme will provide a network of instructors, trainers and advisors for the benefit of all dog owners.

The scheme is voluntary and aims to give a worthwhile qualification, in which scheme members and the public can have confidence. The scheme will help to ensure that the general public and training enthusiasts are provided with the appropriate service to meet their needs, and that the membership can work together to provide that help, promote responsible ownership, share ideas and encourage continued learning.

Anthea Lawrence was awarded a certificate of accreditation in gundog training, having spent her life breeding, showing and training Golden Retrievers as well as being involved in organising events and developing the Kennel Club Working Gundog tests. She also runs gundog training classes throughout the season, encouraging many new participants in the activity.

Sue Potter was awarded a certificate of accreditation in competitive Obedience and Agility, and companion dog training. Sue has judged Obedience since 1965 and has awarded tickets on more than fifty occasions, including Crufts in 1999. She has also judged Agility at Crufts and has been involved in training at Waldridge Fell Dog Training Club for over thirty years. Recently, Sue has provided further training and offered advice to individuals, groups and classes as part of a full time business venture.

The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour is open to everyone and primarily promotes education. The scheme outlines the essential skills, knowledge and hands-on dog experience instructors and advisors should have in order to be proficient and competent.

The scheme is membership based with grades and awards. Full ‘Accreditation’ may be applied for by members who have a minimum of five years instructing experience, and have reached the required levels throughout the scheme. Accreditation is only conferred following an on-site evaluation of both the individual’s skills in actual instructing and advising (a class and / or an individual) and a verbal appraisal. Applicants must also show evidence of responsible dog ownership and that they have hands on experience with dogs, as these elements are essential to underpin the members’ knowledge, experience and credibility.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "The Kennel Club is delighted to welcome Anthea and Sue as the first accredited members of the Scheme. Both have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in dog training and a range of other canine activities for a number of years and represent exactly the type of members that we hope to attract to this initiative."