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Police warning over pedigree thefts

Five pedigree dogs have gone missing across Worcestershire towns and villages in the last 10 days.

Dog owners are being alerted to the disappearance by West Mercia Police, although it said there is no proof of links or that any were stolen.

The latest pet to go missing was a Golden Retriever from Bewdley.

It follows a Beagle going from Warndon, a Yorkshire Terrier from Lower Howsell, a Japanese Akita from Stoulton and a Staffordshire Terrier from Ronkswood.

The owners rang around dog practices in the area trying to trace their animals. Barbara Kirk, practice manager of Brentknoll Veterinary Centre, then rang the police.

She said: “Dogs do go missing, but this appears to be a very high number in a short space of time - and they are all pedigree animals.”

A police spokesman said: “While there is nothing to directly link the loss of these animals - and equally nothing to suggest they have been stolen - we would encourage owners to always be aware of where their animals are.”