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Stolen Megan’s home, three years on!

Megan, with her Jack Russell friend Strimmer,
who is sadly still missing after three years

A TERRIER was reunited with its owner last week, three years after being stolen from her Hampshire home.

Megan, a small rough coated terrier, was returned to her owner Caroline Stevens by the Missing Pets Bureau. The much loved little dog was given up as lost for ever by her devastated owner who had spent months searching for her beloved friend. Megan was taken from outside Caroline's house along with Strimmer, a 9 month old Jack Russell puppy - who sadly is still missing.

When Megan was stolen on the April 5th 2002 Caroline immediately contacted the Missing Pets Bureau, one of the UK’s top pet finding services. Megan's details, including her microchip number were immediately placed on the Bureau's national missing pets register and stored in the organisation’s extensive database.

"We did everything to get Megan back," said Caroline, "but I know dogs can be passed on very quickly if they get into the wrong hands. Megan was probably stolen by the thieves to use as currency for drugs, for puppy farming or worse. Maybe they thought they could breed from her - but thankfully she had been both spayed and microchipped."

Caroline believed she would never see Megan again. Then, on November 15th this year, the Missing Pet Bureau received the call Caroline had thought she would never have - Megan had been found! A small scruffy terrier had been dumped outside a pet shop in Essex and then taken in by a local rescue centre. Megan was scanned and identified through her microchip.

"We keep full up to date details of missing pets and their owners on our data base for the pets life so when the rescue centre called we were immediately able to contact Caroline on her mobile within a few seconds," said Rupert Honywood, founder of the Missing Pets Bureau. "We are all thrilled for Caroline, it just proves you must never give up hope!"

"I can't believe Megan's back" said a delighted Caroline, "She has celebrity status in the village and is being thoroughly spoilt by everyone - I could not have a better Christmas present in the world. I can't thank the organisation enough for their fantastic support."

Caroline is still searching for her Jack Russell, Strimmer, who is now nearly four years old. Unfortunately, Strimmer was not microchipped so his chances of a safe return are less likely, although Caroline says she has "great faith" in the Bureau.