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Town in fear after dog attacks

A TOWN in Berkshire is full of fear after a man told how he was left ‘shocked and terrified’ after his dog was savaged by two hounds in Langley Park, Slough.

The attack happened the same day an article appeared in the Slough Express newspaper warning people about a series of savage attack by two guard dogs in the park. The article prompted a string of phone calls to the paper’s news desk from people whose dogs have been attacked over the past 16 months.

Chris Boyda, 43 is the latest victim. Mr Boyda of Diana Close, George Green, was walking his Weimaraner dog, Jake, when the two animals appeared. He said " I was walking from George Green into Langley Park. These two dogs just came running up the path. They just pounced on Jake without any hesitation. They attacked his hind legs and just ripped him up. They left him with skin hanging off him. He has deep gashes and puncture wounds. I took him to the vet and he seems to be recovering. But he was nervous when we took him out to the park on Sunday. "I was left shocked and terrified. I often go up to the park with my nephews, aged three and four.

The size of these two animals - it just does not bear thinking about what could happen."
Mr Boyda, who works for ICI in Slough, also had to pay out a £600 vets bill after the savage attack.

On the same day, Audrey Reynolds, 65, was also knocked to the ground by the two dogs. Mrs Reynolds, of Orchard Park, said: "I was walking down Langley Park Road, when these two large dogs appeared. They came bounding over to me. They came over and knocked me to the ground.

I put my hands over my face the only part of me that was uncovered. It was pretty scary. They are very large dogs. I think they are Turkish wolfhounds. They frightened the life out of me."

Mrs Reynolds said it was not her first encounter with the dogs. On a previous occasion the dogs had come into a friend’s garden near the local Red Lion pub and attacked her dog. She said: "We were out in the garden and these two dogs actually came over a 4 ft wall. It was horrible. They attacked her Alsatian. We managed to drag it inside. We just sat there with these two big dogs charging around the garden. After they had left we got into her car and drove round trying to find out where these dogs had come from."

Mrs Reynolds is convinced the animals are guard dogs that are escaping from a house on the edge of Langley Park. She said: "I think they are kept in a pen and somehow they are managing to tunnel their way out."

She said there had been a series of attacks over the past years. "We have complained to the police but nothing seems to be done about it." A notice placed in the park by police confirmed that they were aware of the attacks.

County councillor Margaret Dewar, portfolio with responsibility for country parks, confirmed that the county council was aware of at least four dog attacks in the last year. She confirmed that in one of the attacks a dog had been badly mauled.