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'Neglect' at kennels being investigated

A kennels is being investigated by the RSPCA for alleged neglect after dogs were kept in "filthy" conditions.

Police called in the animal welfare body after a dog was found wandering on a main road. They said A1 Kennels and Catteries in Brompton-on-Swale near Richmond in Yorkshire was housing more than 70 dogs and owners were immediately contacted and asked to collect their animals.
Tim Bishop collected his dog Ruck on Friday after the labrador had been at the kennels for six weeks while renovations were carried out at his home. He said although Ruck seemed quite content he was shocked at the condition of the kennels.

"It was just a mess," he said. "There was dog mess everywhere and it absolutely stunk. It was in a bad state."

In a statement, the RSPCA said: "The RSPCA and police attended the address on the afternoon of Thursday 15 December following a complaint. We can assure any dog owners who have boarded their pets at this kennels that they are all fine - they have each received a veterinary check. The concern was more for the filthy conditions in which they were being kept. RSPCA inspectors stayed with the dogs until midnight to ensure they were made comfortable and safe. Some of the puppies bred on the premises may need further veterinary attention." They urged owners to contact the RSPCA and to provide proof of ownership.

The RSPCA said it was looking at a case of alleged animal neglect. No-one was available for comment at the kennels.