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Endal visits Santa!

Endal with Santa

CANINE PARTNER Endal, one of the nation’s most popular dogs, made his annual visit Father Christmas last week at the world famous Harrods store in London.

Proud partner Allen Parton said: ‘Just like any 10 year old, Endal seems to fill with the excitement of it all and I am sure he asks Santa for a stocking full of Christmas goodies on Christmas day!
‘’The cheeky monster even waited for his present too and proudly sported his "I've met Santa at Harrods badge" on the journey home.’

Whilst in the store Endal did an impromptu meet and greet with the children queuing up for their turn with Santa and quickly won over another group of adoring fans.

Allen added ‘I am so very proud of Endal and just the way that he has never lost that enthusiasm when he meets young and old alike..he really does promote the dog’s place in today's society!’