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Goldie is crowned Pet Fit Camp champ!

Winner Oakley the Goldie, pictured with owner Lisa Deadman

A cuddly canine has battled the bulge to win PDSA’s national competition to find the UK’s most committed pet ‘Inch-loss Idol’. Oakley, a six-year-old Golden Retriever from Plymouth, beat five other UK finalists by shedding 7.6kg (16% of his own bodyweight).

Leading veterinary charity, PDSA, enrolled Oakley on ‘PDSA pet fit camp’ after being nominated by owner, Lisa Deadman. Starting the 100 day diet and fitness regime back in September 2005, he originally weighed a whopping 46.5kg due to an unstinting love for rich tea biscuits. At his current weight of 38.9kg, Oakley has lost the weight equivalent to over 25 packets of his favourite snack.
As a result of his achievement, Oakley wins the coveted title of ‘PDSA pet fit camp Champ’ and a holiday at Knoll House in Dorset* for both him and his owner. As a combined effort, all the contenders have also managed to raise over £500 in sponsorship for PDSA to help pets in need of vets, thanks to kind donations from friends, family and supportive members of the public.
Claiming second and third place on were:

Second placed Buster, pictured before...

Coming a deserved second, Buster, a 6-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier from London who shed 3.2kg (13% of his bodyweight). As a smaller dog, this is a prime effort from Buster whose owner had tried all the slimming tricks in the book, but couldn’t get those pounds shifted. Exercise has been the key to his success.

... and after!

And in third place, Pebbles, a 5-year-old cat from London who shed a massive 0.65kg (8.7% of her bodyweight). As the only feline competitor, Pebbles fought her love for fatty foods and stealing nibbles from other cats in the neighbourhood to be the cat who got the cream in the end.
Oakley and the five other PDSA pet fit camp finalists were chosen to take part by Fame Academy fitness guru, Kevin Adams and PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, Elaine Pendlebury, as the perfect contenders to fight the battle of the bulge.**

Pebbles the cat came an honourable third

The previous combined pet weight of 183.2kgs is now a more modest 126.5kgs; a loss equivalent to over 28 bags of sugar. But the hard work isn't over yet! Each pet and owner will continue to receive dietary advice and support from veterinary staff at their local PDSA PetAid hospital until they reach their goal of their final target weight.

Lisa Deadman, Oakley’s owner, said: ‘I’m so proud of Oakley and the slimming success he has achieved in such a short time. We used to enjoy cuddling up in front of the TV and snacking on our favourite biscuits, but that has all changed thanks to good advice from PDSA. Oakley has so much more energy now he is slimmer, and we enjoy going for long walks and playing in the park instead.’

Elaine Pendlebury, PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, said: ‘Many of these pets have discovered a new lease of life after losing their excess weight. Eating more healthily and taking regular exercise, as recommended by your vet, may well improve a pet's overall enjoyment of life. It is important to remember that a slow and gradual weight loss programme, coupled with exercise, will get the best results, so don't be a couch pet-ato this Christmas! Take regular walks, eat a balanced diet and above all enjoy each other's company.’