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Hill’s and Blue Cross unite in caring for pets

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition has announced that it is to feed all of the cats and dogs awaiting rehoming at Blue Cross adoption centres, free of charge, benefiting literally thousands of pets.

Not only will the cats and dogs be fed a good quality healthy diet, but also funds that would otherwise have been spent on food will now be freed up to provide resources for crucial animal welfare services, such as the pet charity’s four animal hospitals.

Steve Goody, director of companion animal welfare at The Blue Cross has welcomed the initiative, "We are very grateful for Hill’s support, which will be invaluable in helping us in our aim to improve the quality of life for needy cats and dogs."

Libby Sheridan, Veterinary Affairs Manager of Hill’s Pet Nutrition, comments, "The Blue Cross and Hill’s both aspire to improve the quality of life for pets and have a clear understanding of the bond that exists between a pet and its owner. By providing pets with the best nutrition we can, Hill’s aims to ensure pets live a long and healthy life and in turn enrich their owners’ lives too. Our association with The Blue Cross will help to ensure that every re-homed pet will look and feel in great condition and get that important relationship between pet and owner off to the best possible start."