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Dog in boots?

Thanks to Hampshire based company Canine Spirit’s new brand of footwear, policemen now have some extra help at hand when it comes to dealing with public order situations. The new footwear, Bark ‘N’ Boots, is not for them however, but for their dogs.

Available in three different sizes with a flexible, hardwearing sole, the new safety shoes have been developed to protect the dog’s paws from glass and other sharp objects, allowing them to walk safely across any surface.

Leading the way in terms of safety for both officers and their canine companions, Northumbria Police is reportedly the first force in the country to issue the special boots. Previously, the risk of being harmed by sharp objects and debris had prevented police dogs from being deployed. Now though, with the aid of Bark ‘N’ Boots, they are free to assist their officers searching premises after burglaries and tackling future street crime.