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GCDS Bronze achievers lead the way in the world of obedience competition

As from 2005, the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS) will be sponsoring a new and exciting obedience competition designed to encourage Bronze certificate achievers into the world of obedience. The Grand Final for this event will be held at Crufts 2006 in the GCDS ring.

Stakes will be held at 12 Open or Championship obedience shows throughout 2005 and each of the class heats will offer 2 qualifying places.

To encourage participation of all breeds, each of the heats will offer one qualifying place to a Border Collie/ Working Sheepdog or its cross, and one qualifying place to an ABC (Anything But a Collie).

The test is a combination of the current GCDS exercises and the Pre-Beginner Obedience test. Dogs must have obtained their Bronze award prior to the closing date of the show.

The Kennel Club would like to hear from Show Societies who would be willing to host a heat in 2005. The Kennel Club GCDS will provide trophies for each heat and rosettes for 1st –10th place. All heat qualifiers will receive a certificate and an invitation to the final. If a Show has already applied for their licence, this will still be accepted for 2005.

Said Caroline Kisko, Secretary of the Kennel Club, "In 2004, there were 17,000 Bronze certificates awarded, proving continued interest in dog training in the UK, and we hope that this new initiative will encourage a healthy percentage of the Scheme’s Bronze achievers to now lead the way in the world of obedience competition".

For further information please contact the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, 1-5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, WIJ 8AB, or telephone 0207 518 1011, or by e-mail to